Wallpapers tourist places Egypt on the phones “Huawei” soon

Show Yan Lida, president of Huawei set Huawei, the company plans to diversify the areas of investment in Egypt, and in the presence of Mustafa Madbouly chairman of the Council of ministers and the Ministry of tourism, to discuss the executive steps of the programmes proposed cooperation, including the development of smart cities and other areas of cooperation in the field of communications and information technology, instead of engaging in the downstream market for the export products industry.

On the sidelines of the Davos Economic, the conversation turned to the development of Egyptian Tourism, and thinking in innovative ideas, where the minister of Tourism and Huawei on the signing of a joint cooperation protocol soon, put a picture of a number of tourist destinations prominent in Egypt as wallpapers available on the mobile devices produced by the company, within the framework of the innovative ideas to promote Egyptian tourism under the programme of structural reform of the tourism sector.

He also praised Huawei’s staff designers, and the opportunities provided by the company to the students of geniuses of Egypt to get training opportunities, selecting the best elements of them for appointment in the company, confirmed the yan Leeds that this will help in getting the results you seek not to Egypt to promote tourism.

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