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Through the week, you can easily install the tool you can hide the background bar the Duke, and make your home screen wallpaper stretch full screen. It was months ago, that the tools used in it, the tool Springtomize 3 rich definition. Since the Golden Age of the geek has gone and started his star well, preach about you that you can now customize the background one color for all screen iPhone, including the Duke and folders, without jailbreak! So how about it? Continued with us.

The background of “the black magician”

More than two years ago, after Apple introduced a iPhone 7 “jet black” or glossy black, the one of the two Apple company and her fans on Twitter to exploit a loophole in the system iOS at that time and do the trick a specific industry background to hide the background areas and background of the bar the Duke completely. And making the background black and fit the color of the phone. LED color combination to the chic appearance liked by many people.

The result was a vision of the whole background like no other forget the answer behind everything, not only this, it has become one of the largest backgrounds a wonder prevalent among the users, was launched on this picture the name of the “black magician”or “Magic Black”.

Shortly after that Apple make changes to the system which made these backgrounds do not work. Annoyed by was the uses of those backgrounds. And began to fade the memory of those backgrounds even came Twitterer @heyeased he told us that he made a background of that kind again.

The heyeased figure out a way to trick the system colors in iOS 12.1 has enabled an entirely new kind of Home screen wallpapers that go behind everything and Home screen wallpapers, folders and the terms of the Duke the background of one, and that kind of backgrounds the name of the “background scanner” or “”Eraser Wallpaper” came in several different colors.

But unfortunately not the black background from among the available colors. Wherein said heyeased, he doesn’t know why the system rejects iOS 12.1 New inch black background again, with that I have succeeded in creating more of a background with multiple colors on it!

Given those backgrounds, the background of the “scanner” New exactly what she did the background black magic in 2016 as it works to hide the background areas and background of the Duke or draped in front of them, or make the color all one, whatever way it works.

New backgrounds available in 12 colors Just for iPhone X and XS and XS Max and XR . You can download from this link.

Also available with 11 different colors for iPhone, other iPhone 8 and older through this link.

To reduce backgrounds, please follow the following:

  • Go to Settings – General – Accessibility – enable reduce transparency.

  • Visit any of the links to previous via the Safari browser and you can copy the link and paste it in Safari.
  • Click on any form you like. And that opens, click lengthy on the picture and save it.

  • Go to the pictures or to Settings and set the image loaded as the background. And select “static” then apply. And that’s all. This is a picture of my device. But it seems that the bar the Duke appears a little in this color, but it disappears in the other colors.


To hide the folder names, please copy the void between the bow [⠀] and paste it to the place of the domain name. Re-name the folder click lengthy you’ll even care about and rename it.

Apply those settings simple get a solid color Background and one for your device.

In addition to those backgrounds, the heyeased created a series of backgrounds other named “background painter”, which features a discussion of modern colours variety but it does not work on hide wallpapers Duke or areas like backgrounds other standard. But it looks great. These are the backgrounds better than the previous backgrounds of the law firm space, because their colors mixed with a touch of beauty. So that the color of the background of the Duke and folders one. Or find bar background Doc folders, one different from the background of the main page, etc.

You can see your backgrounds with iPhone family X site heyeased. For for iPhone older than here.

Do you like to have your phone cell one for everything? And what do you think about that kind of backgrounds? Tell us in the comments.



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