Wallpaper that will help you to hide the cutout in the display

For anybody not a secret that the cutout in the display became a kind of norm for the entire market. Still, however, not all consumers are willing to forgive the producers a similar trick. Many producers decided to bypass the notches and to release immediately fully frameless device. An example would be the ZTE preparing new bezrobotnych Nubia Z18S.

Vivo and Oppo have also released a completely frameless device without a notch, a trend emerged, it remains to be seen when other manufacturers will start to follow. The impression that many companies are not keeping pace with market development. For example, Google has not yet released Pixel 3 and 3 XL, the latter should get a huge cut (probably the widest of all the cutouts on the market).

For many, buying a smartphone with the cutout in the display can be an unexpected disappointment for such users, our colleagues from notchless.helloshivam.com prepared a number of Wallpaper.

It is worth noting that they are adapted to iPhone X, but without a doubt suitable and all other devices. The screen will hide the cut any length and width, they are universal.

Download Wallpapers for smartphone with the cutout in the display

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