Walli Wallpapers — Wallpaper for each

Someone changes the Wallpaper on your desktop depending on the time of year, others by the mood, and the rest just. Representatives of each group need a database of images, and in good quality. It will open Walli Wallpapers. The program offers creative images, groups them depending on the genre and it makes to earn content creators.

Click on the application icon will open the welcome window. The developers promise a large selection of images from the selected communities and artists from around the world. Creativity is immediately shown on the background image where Darth Vader flies on the background of the Death Star.

Universal catalogue of Wallpapers for smartphone

To find the necessary pictures use different pages in the menu. For example, the Recents tab will show the latest creations of the authors. There are “Popular” and “Favorites”.

Next to each publication to see the photo of the author, his name and country. Below — the work of a compatriot under the name of Kir.

The program also shows the number of likes. According to the developers, the popularity of the works helps artists to make money. The authors Walli Wallpapers transferred a portion of their earnings to the creators of the paintings.

The developers themselves earn on advertising. The presence of the latter, but it seems like not annoying.

Wallpapers can be downloaded or put on the background. The app prompts you to select the aspect ratio of pictures and advice on these images.

Bonus — sort images by subject.

Walli Wallpapers is a good choice for fans of unusual Wallpaper. The program will find something suitable for every taste and allow you to change the pictures every day.

Application: Walli Wallpapers
Developer: Shanga
Category: Personalization
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 95 people

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