Waiting for the owners of iPad from iOS 13

At the end of October last year, Apple introduced an updated line of iPad Pro. The device is really uncompromising highest level of performance, quality screen with support for ProMotion, excellent design with minimal framework. And the new tablet would perfectly fit the role of a working tool, if not one but software limitations of the OS. Maybe iOS 13 will be a revelation for us?

Foreign resource CultOfMac conducted a survey among iPad users, and revealed the most anticipated feature of the next version of mobile operating system Apple.

Work with one application in two Windows

iOS 11 can hardly be called successful release, however, you cannot deny one thing — this version brought the interaction with the iPad’s interface to a new level. And Apple clearly needs to consolidate its success by introducing new useful features. For example, to allow applications to work in two Windows. Imagine how it would be convenient to open two Word Windows and to compare different documents. Unfortunately, this option is implemented only in proprietary Safari browser.

To improve the application “Files”

File system iOS maximum stiff. And alas, this is one of the main disadvantages, which does not allow to unlock the potential of the tablet iPad Pro. Of course, it is not necessary to users to give full access to system files. What prevents the developers to create a separate space where you conduct with the files in various ways. You want to allow copying of files from any media in both directions, add preview files. This will not affect the security of the operating system, but will bring a lot of opportunities.

Full support for external displays

Despite the fact that Apple is positioning the iPad Pro as a working tool, iOS can work with external display only mode “duplication”. It is no good. What prevents the developers to add the option in which the monitor displayed a single app, but on tablet screen. This question still remains unanswered.

Support for mouse and trackpad

Using an external monitor, obviously, will require additional input tools. This role is perfect of a mouse or trackpad. But there is one thing — OS does not support such peripherals.

Enhanced support for other Type-C accessories

Apple should expand the list of supported devices: for example, make it possible to connect printers, hard drives, music equipment, and other peripheral equipment. Yes, some manufacturers produce special versions of its devices under the iPad. But this is only a drop in the ocean.

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