Waited for: Opera browser supports Ethereum and decentralized applications

Norwegian company Opera Software, the developer of the eponymous browser, has added to the desktop version of Web 3.0, Ethereum-wallet function and its integration with the decentralized application (dApp). This writes the CCN , citing a company statement.

To work with decentralized applications, users can use as a purse Opera, and other repositories. For example, is also suitable MetaMask.

How to use dApp

The publication notes that the new product Opera easier to use dApp, and increase their attractiveness for developers. Opera now accounts for 3.7 percent of the browser market, it is on the fourth place in popularity after Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

The integration of Ethereum and standard ERC20 Opera is an important step towards the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and dApps. Although the share of browser in the market and the user base is relatively small compared to other actors, Opera — well-known browser with active and loyal audiences.

The wallet Opera for Ethereum in need of significant improvements, the publication adds. In particular, he is far behind MetaMask. So says one Reddit user who tried to use it to store coins.

I tried it today — it’s incredible well-known browsers integrate Web 3.0. I like that there is a split between smartphones and desktops, although the mobile phone is still more secure than desktops. They need a little support ropsten — I was faced with many challenges, which must be present in such applications.

Previously the CEO of Circle Jeremy Allair statedthat decentralized apps is the product that will allow Ethereum to overtake Bitcoin in market capitalization.


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