Vzhuh: finconsultant believe in Bitcoin after a short educational course

Financial expert and founder of consulting firm Financial Engines, Edelman Rick Edelman spoke at educational blockchain event. He was joined by an independent consultant Barron’s Independent Summit. Overall the event was focused on providing new knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency. As it turned out, after the portions of new information about Bitcoin financiers instantly turned from skeptics of cryptooperation.

During the event, one hundred and fifty leading financial consultants and influential people from Cryptoprotected US were trained. The training was conducted on technologies for distributed registries and cryptocurrency/digital assets. Remarkably, most of them came with a negative, but after the event changed the attitude towards Bitcoin.

According to the report, before the event, 96 percent of advisors responded in the survey that do not recommend scriptactive its customers. Almost eight out of 10 — 79 per cent did not plan to start working with the crypt.

Subsequently, the survey gave very different results:

  • 89 percent began to take a more optimistic Outlook on scriptactive. Many stopped to regard Bitcoin as an object of speculation;
  • 82 per cent said more likely to buy something from cryptocurrency;
  • 71 percent believe that BTC will reach higher prices than they previously thought;
  • what is most important: 91 percent of respondents said that they will cease to frighten and dissuade their customers from investing in cryptocurrency.

As noted by Edelman, a striking result directly points to the need to train consultants on emerging asset class.

Advisers who are unable to answer questions from customers about Bitcoin, you can lose confidence. This will eventually lead to the loss of the clients themselves. Who would have thought that only a small intensive training could so quickly turn to financial advisors in the real Bitcoin bulls?

More data look at cryptodata.

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