VW allows users of Apple to open the car lock by Siri

فولكس فاجن تتيح لمستخدمي آبل فتح قفل السيارة بواسطة سيري

Featuring VW have a very good relationship with Apple make its use a platform CarPlay to its cars extensively, but this time it will be relationship more developed; so that the automobile manufacturing company of German will allow users of Apple to lock the car or open the lock through a voice assistant Siri.

Will be able to users of VW to do it using the application of VW Car-Net which is return for the free use of a number of users, in addition to provide it is paid for the rest.

Of course, the app will enable the user to make Siri say worth the distance and activate the alarm clock, in addition to the operation of charging in electric cars on and off, next to the possibility to lock and unlock auto lock of course.

The move comes as a large aid use audio with cars, but this is not the first time that happens something similar, where that Amazon has launched a device Echo Auto a while ago to get voice assistant Alexa, the inside of the car to do some tasks.

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