Vulnerability in WhatsApp allows stealing files and messages through the Moving Image

Researchers have found a security loophole relatively serious in WhatsApp allows hackers to steal files or messages from the user’s phone as soon as you send and open the animated image!.

Get the problem within a studio presentation file built-in WhatsApp where you are generating the mini version of photos, videos, and animations. As a result of the source code, malicious built-in the Motion Picture happen collapse to investigate or open a loophole that can be misused to steal files.

For its part suspended the WhatsApp on the news that he was not influenced by any user of this gap was resolved through a security update.

Vulnerabilities exist in the Android phones operating by Android 8.1 and 9, but in older versions they lead to stop the collapse of the application for work does not allow to steal any data.

Been reported to WhatsApp this gap and sent the update number 2.19.244 who has blocked it, so I recommended the app update immediately to this version or newer.

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