Vulnerability in WhatsApp allows hacking into users ‘ computers via GIFs

Discovered researcher a security loophole in the application of WhatsApp owned by Facebook, allow hackers to hack into users ‘ computers and access to the private messages and personal data by sending a GIF file is harmful.

The main problem lies in the malfunction in the memory is random, which may lead to crash an application or, worse than that, and the hackers this hack the devices by modifying the GIF files to be harmful.

It seems that gap is targeting the Android system mainly, especially older versions of the operating system, and admitted the company to the quality of vulnerability and issued the update number 2.19.244.

Police said they do not think that the gap influenced on any level and has corrected in the past month, but should be on all users perform the update referred to above or any new version to avoid any breach in the future.

Source: TNW

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