Vulnerability in Internet Explorer lets hackers steal your files

It’s Internet Explorer again, one more Microsoft products failed, not enough that it’s weak security, it has become a source of threat to the user once it’s in your computer!.

Discovered by security researcher John Page security hole in the browser concerning the way he dealt with the files of type MHT (archive files of web pages) where the hackers can exploit it to spy on the user and steal his files from his computer.

Hackers can set up a file MHT private and send it to the victim via Chat messages or e-mail as an attachment, once you open it is running browser Internet Explorer being the default program in Windows to run this file, then hackers can access the content of a user’s computer.

Vulnerability affects Windows 7 and Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2, the odd that Microsoft would never send a security update to close the gap currently, but will do so in the future, what supports the millions of computers that come browser which by default is at risk of hack, unless they change the default browser that is running this type of file.

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