Vulnerability in Facebook allows access to the voice of 6.8 million users

ثغرة في فيسبوك تسمح بالوصول لصور 6.8 مليون مستخدم

Announced Facebook via her personal blog Friday that her team had discovered software vulnerabilities that allow third party applications to the voice of the user who log in to those apps through his account by the social, where the mining process to reach the limit of Health that may set third party apps as soon as you approve the polling data between the product and the application, which includes normal images that are posted by the user on the page Key only; to include a number of other pictures such as that had participated in the settlement platforms which contain story window in his personal file.

Reported Facebook to the number of users who know their own pictures of the effects of this gap amounted to 6.8 million people in the process of recording them to enter their account in Facebook to more than 1500 applications were built by 876 the developer, she noted her work to launch software tools next week that will help developers to know the users of their apps which were affected by the problem and to scan their photos, and at the same time to alert the users of the product who have suffered from the problem notices via Facebook and make sure-through of what the affected apps included in the list that will Facebook via the notification has been used in the past.

In the company of the occurrence of this error and expressed regret for the rest images of the users available to third-party applications under the weight gap, which lasted from 13 until 25 September 2018.

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