VTB: the blockchain will be in demand in the banking world

Two days ago, Polish Central Bank admitted in sponsoring the campaign against cryptocurrency. One of its products was a video where the guy couldn’t pay the restaurant for a romantic date and became bankrupt. VTB management has not supported the Bitcoin, but positively commented on the prospects of the blockchain.

The blockchain technology can help banking sector

An opinion shared by the Chairman of the Board of VTB Olga Dergunova, according to RIA. A reason to trust the blockchain, the prospect of higher transaction speed and security standards.

We believe in the technology of distributed registries. We see evolyutsioniruet standards, how much effort the banking community all over the world spends on it to make the platform stable, and the transaction faster.

No doubt future technologies Dergunova no.

We believe that a distributed system of registries in the banking world will be in demand.

The blockchain allows banks to quickly confirm the relevance of the information about the customer or the transaction, record the transaction and store data on them. Hopefully, such statements will have a positive impact on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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