Volkswagen racing electric car broke the record at Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Pikes Peak Hill Climb is a racing contest, held since 1916, the race at 20 kilometers with climbing 4720 feet (1438 m). Within-in the car makers test the performance and the speed and dexterity of their new cars. Last October, Volkswagen announced that it is building an electric racing car called ID R Pikes Peak, which the company hopes will set a new record. The transport was shown in March. The car is running Romain Dumas broke the record, completing the track at speeds over 150 km/h in just eight minutes.

Electric cars are great for racing Pikes Race: they have no problems that arise from traditional car at altitude and the thin air. It is known that the internal combustion engine in such conditions starts to choke. The first electric car that won in 2015, was the Honda CR-Z. last year, the victory was awarded to the electric FF91 from Faraday Futures, even though he didn’t beat any records.

The official time for the new record was 7:57,148, which is faster the previous result (8:57,118) and previous record (8:13,878) by nearly twenty seconds. The holder of the previous record is Sebastian Loeb and the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak.

Volkswagen said little about his car, but noted that he uses the power plant to the MEB, which will be the basis for future electric vehicles of the company.

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