Volkswagen owners can now access their cars using Siri

Mobile application VW Car-Net has received an update that allows you to control certain functions of a modern Volkswagen models through the virtual assistant Siri.

Now, iPhone owners can ask Siri to unlock the door of the car, warm the engine, turn on alarm, heated seats, set the desired temperature, check the fuel level, battery charge and current mileage. For this you need to configure Siri app Shortcuts and VW Car-Net. The latter, incidentally, is not free – it is available to owners of Volkswagen cars by subscription for $11 per month.

Additional chips will also note the possibility to find a car in the Parking lot, to clarify expected reserve and even conduct a quick diagnostic. By the way, is the second Siri voice assistant, which can control car Volkswagen – the automaker previously added support for Alexa into their cars.

Sources: The Verge, Engadget

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