Volkswagen has revealed an interactive led system for vehicles

The company Volkswagen presented its vision of the future of automotive lighting is the new adaptive led system that will be able to tell the driver the direction of movement with a projection.

As the head optics will be lights Micro-pixel HD LED, which consist of 30,000 individual pixels. Because of this the lights are able to adapt the light beam to the situation: turns, other cars, pedestrians, animals, shifts in the weather, the speed.

HD-capable lights to prevent blinding oncoming drivers, to highlight individual beam of the pedestrian and to prevent glare from wet road. Moreover, the automaker will be able to realize the function of Optical Lane Assist – the projection of a virtual layout showing the trajectory of the machine and its dimensions, which bends following the turning.

As for the rear lights, the company is testing the ability to self-customization of the headlights. For example, the driver can choose the light signature of your car or what may be more useful to display warning signs, for example, hazard or battery power.

Led system can be used to create light graphics around the car to create a virtual turn signal or show a door opening. It can also be useful to realize the function of Optical Park Assist – the projection of light markings while Parking and alerts others when you move backwards.

Even the door handles have come up with a led indicator that lights up red if the machine is locked, the blue – if found near a smartphone with NFC, and green – if the car is opened.

By the way, the new crossover Volkswagen Touareg is already optionally available headlamp IQ.Light matrix LED. They contain 128 LEDs in each headlight and is able to highlight pedestrians and reduce the portion of the flow so that during rain the asphalt was glistening in front of the car.

Sources: Drive, AutoUA, Volkswagen

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