Vlad Zamfir goes to new CryptoStream. The team wants to run Casper before Ethereum

One of the main developers of Ethereum Vlad Zamfir may soon shift the focus of their research on a new project. According to the Crypto Block, the programmer began working with startup Casper Labs to create a “fully scalable blockchain”. In the future, the project could become a direct competitor to Ethereum Foundation, as Zamfir here works on their own implementation of the updates Casper for Ethereum.

The official launch of the Casper startup Labs to be held next month. While he received $ 20 million of investment from the funds of Galaxy and BlockTower. The main goal of the project will be not only the development of Ethereum, but also conduct research for the benefit of the entire industry of crypto.

Why do we need Casper

Recall that between acne Butterini and Vlad Zamfira there were some differences on the basis of the upgrade, Casper. It is noteworthy that in Ethereum Foundation want to introduce improvement over the next few years. In Casper Labs suggested your approach to business — Zamfir promises to release an upgrade in the near future. About it journalists were told by the CEO of Casper Labs Mrinal Manohar.

Vlad just wants to get the world on a Proof-of-Stake. He still fully supports Ethereum, as it works on one of its major updates. However, only we have a team that is completely focused only on Casper.

Zamfir notes that under any circumstances is not going to leave the rest of Ethereum and its developers. His work on cryptocurrency remains a top priority.

A cooperation agreement Zamfir with Casper Labs has not yet been signed. Startups will pay salaries to the developer, but it will not be registered in the state of the company. All research results of the young specialist are conducted in an open form, so to use them can anyone. Ethereum Foundation does not Fund Casper Labs, but also will pay the Zamfir for his efforts in research.


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