Vivo working on a new phone has a unique design and carries the code name ” The Waterdrop “

vivo NEX Dual Display Edition

In the past year, she phones Vivo NEX to steal the spotlight thanks to young skinny frame that comes by cameras hidden in the pop-up windows, but it seems that the company Vivo is not planning to rest on its laurels. According to a series of rumors of the new China, it seems that the company Vivo is working on a new smartphone carries the code name ” The Great”, who will get a unique design.

You say the information that was posted on the web it is sure that you don’t see a design similar to the design that will come out of this phone with reference to that this is the first time in history that keeps a company making something like this.

The pictures show the two you can see them above the parts of the phone, but still these pictures are not enough to get an idea about the overall design of the device. However, these images prompt us to wonder Will there be a layer of two glass related in the middle part of the frame or not, this leads us also to wonder whether the screen will be curved the same way? Certainly, these questions are interesting and need to answer.

We hope that these are not just buzz unnecessary, and that the phone comes The Waterdrop really change the look of the people for smartphones, says a source who was behind the leaking of this information. Let’s wait and see.


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