Vivo V15 Pro phone becomes the fastest-selling in series phones Vivo V Series


According to the statistics issued by the institution GfK, the Vivo is the fastest growing brand in India. I have seen the market value of Chinese brand growth year after year. From January last year to January of 2019, the company Vivo to ship more units increased by 60.9 percent and bring the revenue better by 63.2 percent. For comparison, the market grew by only 14.2 percent in terms of units, and by 16.8 percent in terms of revenue.

The company’s performance was in the final three months of last year strong. Secured series phones Vivo Y Series its place in the market of smart phones that cost less than 300 USD, while created series phones Vivo V Series in the market of smart phones that cost more than 300 USD.

Become Vivo V15 Pro which was announced recently phone the fastest-selling in series phones Vivo V Series. Here’s what he said his director of strategy of the brand in the company Vivo in India is around it : ” we at Vivo are committed to providing customer satisfaction through innovative products at competitive prices. We have helped this approach to obtain market acceptance, the attainment of peak level growth. It is an honor to be able to inform you of the results we achieved, which shows our commitment towards the Indian market. To proceed, we put the plan of strong growth to bring about a revolution in technology and to strengthen our presence in the country. “


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