Vivo used to advertise APEX 2019 in the next conference on the 24th of January

Held company, Vivo next conference during the days for the official announcement about the phone APEX 2019 which comes with a premium design edges too skinny with a curved screen in accordance with the declaration painting which came from Vivo.


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The company submitted vivo model for APEX FullView during the MWC the year 2018, and then starting the phone in a post titled NEX, where they tend to screen phone run 98% of the structure of the phone, as it came to the design featuring a dual screen.

It is a new company started in posting ads trailer for APEX 2019 scheduled official announcement in a conference to be held on the 24th of January, where he is scheduled to come to the phone design thinner for the edges, with a screen more deflection, as the phone comes to the design without the camera in front of the screen, or the side buttons in the design of the phone.

As the company published in a teaser last Facebook ad comes with Natural Perfection, as it was pointed out the phone with Waterdrop in the declaration of another, only to phone a representative curve comes without extrusion of the upper in the screen also.

It is expected that the tools to control the phone on the screen representative of the large among them is a fingerprint sensor built-in screen which supports the thumbprint recognition in a larger area in the screen.


I know of

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