Vivo use for the official announcement about the phone, Vivo S5 camera three in 14 of November

Held company, Vivo next conference on the 14th of November for the official announcement about the phone, Vivo S5, who appeared in the teaser of the company’s camera trilogy, with the design of the screen hole for the front vehicle.

Confirmed company Vivo recently its plans to launch a new version of a series of phones S, and today the phone shows Vivo S5 in the picture ad official reveal three choices in the colors of the phone are blue, green along with pink.

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As reveal photos media official for Vivo S5 on the design of the camera the background settings of the tripartite representative to design the diamond, where the three sensors are arranged in one of the two, while the LED flash on the other side of the camera.

It is estimated that comes sensor the main camera background accurately 48 mega pixel camera, it also houses the phone’s sensor fingerprint in the AMOLED screen also in my phone the S1 and S1 Pro.

As revealed shopping catalogs phone Vivo S5 for the design without extrusion of the upper in the screen, where the phone features the design of screen hole for the front vehicle which comes in the right side of the screen in the time that came the previous version Z1 Pro punctured the screen on the left side. So, we expect the official announcement on the 14 of November to get clearer on this version.


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