Vivo reveal to us about the arrival of the phone Vivo iQOO Neo, and that it would be perfect for players

Vivo iQOO Neo

I’ve told you already that the sub-brand iQOO of the company Vivo preparing to announce a new phone called iQOO Neo features processor Snapdragon 845. And now after a long wait, we have a date to look forward to.

In fact, he revealed to us the Chinese company today she was going to dislodge the curtain officially about the phone iQOO Neo in the second day of July next, and assured us again that he would put the processor Snapdragon 845 we’ve seen in most flagship smartphones that have been released in the past year, the reason for this is to provide the phone strongly the necessary processing to provide a wonderful playing experience at a lower price. However, it seems that the brand iQOO not depend on the processor only to improve the experience of playing on the phone iQOO Neo only, but also to improve the aspect of the software.

The video clip which has been posted on the social network of Chinese Weibo indicates that the phone iQOO Neo will respond to the unprecedented speed, what this means is that when you drag controls virtual on screen during play, it will balance the speed of your finger.


Indicate the comparison between a normal phone equipped with the processor Snapdragon 845 phone Vivo iQOO Neo that the Chinese company has improved the algorithms used in the phone. Thus, this will lead us to get the phone adjusts the priority of the resources effectively without the use of the performance of other components, such as the screen, for example, but not limited to.

The question remains on the cooling system of the user in the device is stuck, but should be answered as soon as the official announcement of the phone next Tuesday.


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