Vivo reveal the sensor three-dimensional face, it would be more accurate than the sensor Apple TV about 10 times the

vivo 3d face

Within the events of Mobile World Congress MWC which is being held in the capital Economic of China Shanghai, the company Vivo to remove the curtain officially on the sensor three-dimensional, which doesn’t target the sector of smart phones only. And, apparently, this triple sensor new dimensions of Chinese company going to be up to consumer products.

The company was Vivo are busy developing advanced technology for facial recognition called the Time Of Flight. The sensor detects the time it takes the lighting emitted bounce back from the component to the sensor and then draw a map to travel accurately from a distance of up to three meters. As this allows also gestures better motion tracking and imaging three-dimensional and augmented reality.

This technique can also use artificial intelligence in enhancing the security capabilities even further. But the interesting thing is that the company Vivo claims that the technique of Time Of Flight is simpler than that used in the phone the Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition and iPhone X, and also simpler than those revealed by Huawei in the past year.

This means that the sensed Time Of Flight is smaller, and in a way simpler and more flexible compared with sensors of other companies. In addition, the boast of the company Vivo the ability of the sensor to the new own to drop 300 thousand points is not visible on the component, this means more points by about 10-fold compared to the sensors belonging to the Apple TV. This allows using the sensor of the new Chinese company in more than just facial recognition so that it can also be used for augmented reality and motion tracking and tracking and scanning three-dimensional and create things digitally for the purposes of education can be even used in medicine.

While this may seem far-fetched, but the Chinese company undertake to ensure that the technology of Time Of Flight has passed some of the tests are intensive and meet the standards required, which in turn means it is close to the access to consumer products.

It seems that the recognition technology of the three-dimensional face will be a big part of our lives and the way we interact with smart devices, whether we like it or not. It will be interesting to see what is the technology that will be superior.

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