vivo reveal the entire design of the car selfie in the next release in the video trailer

Published company vivo video trailer of a new review by a new design of the entire car selfie in the next release of phones possible.

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In 2018, we pioneered the #ElevatingFrontCamera with our #APEX concept phone at #MWC. Within months, we mass-produced it with our #NEX smartphone during the #FIFAWorldCup. Now, get ready for #2019.

Gepostet von Vivo am Montag, 21. Januar 2019

Video trailer new buy vivo revealed by the company after the presentation of the phone model vivo the Apex of the year 2019, where the featuring version the legal representative of the company’s new design for all the car selfies that come out of the unit slide inside the phone.

I have pointed the police in the video headline to this design change traditional design not the top in the screen which houses the camera, as the company added the hashtag elevating camera which points to the next design which will rise the cable car from the phone.

Recall that the projections indicate that the version that appears in the teaser won’t be phone vivo Apex 2019, where it appears in this version some of the buttons in the design.


I know of

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