Vivo reveal phone Vivo Apex Concept with the design is the first of its kind in the world


Raised company Vivo our attention at CES CES 2018 early last month when it revealed a prototype of the first smart phone comprising a sensor fingerprint in the screen. Shortly after the presentation of the prototype, the Chinese company later launched the commercial version the final version of this phone under the name Vivo X20 Plus UD in China, thus becoming the latter is the first smart phone in the world featuring sensor fingerprint in the screen up to the market. Now, at Mobile World Congress MWC 2018 currently held in Barcelona, Spain, the company Vivo detects a prototype of another smart phone named Vivo Apex. This phone not only features the screen free from the frame, but it also includes a sensor fingerprint in the ” half screen”, as well as a front camera and emanate from the top.

Sensor fingerprint in the front-end is the first component disappears when companies decided to provide smart phones with a screen free from the frame. Usually these companies move the sensor fingerprint to the backend, but the company decided to Vivo in the phone Vivo Apex use another solution, albeit a bit slow by the testimony of some people who had a chance to test this phone at the MWC show in 2018.

The front camera is also among the ingredients which was preventing the company from supplying its smart phones companies free completely from the frame. In order to provide phone Vivo Apex this unique type of tea, the company Vivo transfer of the front camera which amounts to its accuracy 8 megapixels to a degree subject at the top opens up and disappears when you demand. And take this camera 0.8 seconds to complete its movement.

Company Vivo that the phone Vivo Apex featuring sensor fingerprint in the ” half screen“, this basically means that the device will recognize the fingerprint as long as you put a finger anywhere in the bottom half of the screen. Thus, this means that users will be able to unlock the phone without having to put the finger in a certain part of the screen.

It all seemed something viable on paper, but it seems that the company Vivo is in no hurry to bring this device to market. The company says only that this device is still just an idea, so she didn’t even hint to when we can expect the arrival of this device to the market.

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