Vivo reveal a new version of the phone Vivo Z3i use the AMOLED screen IPS LCD

Vivo Z3i

The company Vivo today to remove the curtain officially unveiled another version of the phone Vivo Z3i called Vivo Z3i Standard Edition. This version is available in China currently, it is not much different from the phone Vivo Z3i except it comes with a screen IPS LCD instead of AMOLED.

As you can expect, it has led replacement screen IPS LCD to lower the price of the phone to the 1998 Chinese yuan which is the equivalent of 296 USD. This new price is lower than the price of the phone Vivo Z3i original by about 17 percent, the latter costs 2398 Chinese yuan equivalent to $ 355 USD.

Regardless of the screen, there are still technical specifications of the phone Vivo Z3i Standard Edition on the case without the change so that it still features processor MediaTek Helio P60, و6GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal memory, a screen with a diameter of 6.3 inches and accurately +FullHD, front camera 24 MP, as well as the rear camera double accurately 16 megapixels sensor first and accurately 2 megapixels sensor of the second, battery with a capacity of 3315mAh.

Overall, the phone Vivo Z3i Standard Edition will be available in three different colors to include pink drop earrings, black drop earrings, as well as Blue Drop Earrings.


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