Vivo NEX.. the first phone full-screen completely in the world

Do you hate the slit screen?.. If you hate it, there’s good news for you. Company, Vivo the Chinese had access already to the manufacture of Screen Phone fully complete a phone NEX who revealed it. Phone Vivo NEX offers full screen completely on all sides including the bottom side and the top, so that the ratio of screen-to-body 91.24%. It’s the only bad is that the clarity of the screen 2316×1080 is a diameter of 6.59 inches, which means low intensity of the screen when 338 pixels per inch.

How can the Vivo access to the full screen perfectly

Maybe you ask yourself now how did this Chinese company access to the design of the full screen for the first time? The solution lies in the front camera, which is the reason for placing the incision of the screen which is what the company managed to make it inside the body of the phone where you appear when you open the camera app and back in again slowly when you close it.

This solution might be more creative solutions since the beginning of the crazy screen full both at the beginning put the crack in the screen from the top or when designed to Shao phone Mi Mix who came to the front facing camera in the bottom or even since the phones Edge of Samsung.

Camera that reach the accuracy of 8-megapixel camera installed on the motor is too small can be hard to get off with extremely high precision and the company claims that the men committed to my work and for that it provides the ascending and descending 50 thousand times.

The screen is a fingerprint sensor, and also

A fingerprint sensor in the phone NEX from Vivo exists under the screen like the phone Vivo X21, which means that to unlock the lock screen all you have to do is touch the lower part of the screen. This technique not up to it. only a company, Vivo the Chinese where the phone was X21 is the first phone in the world that comes equipped with a fingerprint under the screen and the company providing it since a long time with the development of technology.

This time there is a development on the fingerprint sensor which is located under the screen, where according to police the Multi-Touch has already increased in addition to that the sensor is more accurate than the past works efficiently is very high and an error less than 30% of the past.

Not only did the company make the screen is a fingerprint sensor only but also by making the screen hear, but she did not explain how this technique works in detail, but she said that this technique does not affect the sound quality.

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