Vivo announces version Nex new double screen and three cameras

فيفو تعلن عن نسخة Nex جديدة مزدوجة الشاشة وبثلاث كاميرات

The same approach characterized the in vivo same style different to the majority of the designs of the phones for 2018 launch phone Nex even protrusion and design of the camera sliding to maintain the screen of one whole, the company today announced the version Nex Dual Display Edition the name carries the connotation of a feature chair in the phone which contains the screen front and a back and certainly a number of other features added.

Shows the Nex new one with slim justify its screen AMOLED front clearly by covering 91.6% of the area of the interface the phone to the floor according to a statement by the company, thoroughly enjoyed 1080*2340 pixels and the size of 6.39 inches and a fingerprint sensor built into the screen, while the screen background size of 5.49 inches and accurately 1080 pixels and of course of type AMOLED.

Speaking of Camera Support Phone see that Vivo patron of this aspect great attention to provide the phone with three different cameras is key to accurately 12 mega pixel girl lens f/1.79, second and accurately 2 megapixel and lens f/1.8 for shooting video night and the situation of the dim lighting in addition to export slow motion, the second is the report of a TOF three-dimensional which can control the depth of the export and to support the issuance of the 3D models, so there’s no need for a camera selfie convinced Nex Dual Display, as long as they can take pictures through the camera at a higher resolution and reviewed across the screen the background with ease.

In addition to the foregoing have the background of the phone features an eye-catching “Lunar Ring “is a halo round luminous works to alert the user scans through and flashing in several different colors and can sync with music and interaction with the frequency of the tone as well as it can be used in the filming of a certain, was a little bit in the specifications of the Vivo Nex Dual Display, it works processor Snapdragon 845 memory random 10 GB with space for storage internal 128 GB; and its battery capacity of 3500 Milli amp supports facial recognition technology, three-dimensional and running of Android Bay.

Will phone in the Chinese market in particular is estimated at$ 725 in 29 December, without any signs pointing to the possibility of stepping the Chinese market as its version of the former also was not sold on a global scale.

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