vivo announces charger high-speed capacity 120W

The company announced the vivo today for its technology in the new charger Super Speed ability 120W, supports battery capacity of 4000 mAh fully by only 13 minutes.

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Seeking a lot of companies for the development of fast charging technology to deliver the highest capacity in smartphones, where she presented a OnePlus during the past year the charger the capacity of 30W, and then moved to Huawei’s ability to charge higher reached a 40W with phones possible, while the Oppo Find X as the first version of the technology supports rapid charging with the Charger up to the capacity of 50W.

And go vivo to a new level in fast charging technology with its technology in the new charger super speed up to the capacity of 120W, where the vivo to support the next versions of smart phones with pathetic special, and fast.

I have provided the vivo official details on the charger that supports the battery of 4000 mAh up to 50% in just 5 minutes, or to 100% in only 13 minutes.

The announcement comes from vivo in the context of preparing the company to launch Shanghai conference phone on the 26th of June, where it is expected that the company is offering a live show to offer shipping the new during the conference, also reveal issued the first smart phones that comes with support for 5G networks.

Definitely still charger vivo representative capacity 120W prototype at the moment, so may not reach the stage of mass production during this year, where you need this technique often to the time necessary to make sure safety standards and safe before provided users with new versions of smart phones.


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