Vivo announces a smart phone sensor fingerprint in the screen

The company announced the Synaptics American developer for multi-touch Touch-pads, used in Devices laptop touch screens music players, smart phones and other devices multiple, in December last technology new scan of the fingerprint can be placed the bottom of the screen.

The company said that one of the manufacturers of smart phones will increase the curtain for the first smart phone carries this technique through the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018.

Indeed, the company announced the Vivo Chinese for the first smart phone equipped with a fingerprint in the screen, through the effective operations of CES 2018, to become the first company that used this new technology in the world in its smart phones.

The sensor will continue between the operating panel of the main phone channels OLED, as would be the footprint and then come the pulses of light. Will be secure the phone to the same current level with the sensors present in other phones.

Announced the Vivo that the phone is ready for the commercial will be put on the market early in the year.

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