Vivo announces a new technology for fast charging capable of charging a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh in 13 minutes

Vivo iQOO

The competition has become for the fast charging technology the most and more virulent. In the past year, we have seen the company OnePlus up to 30W, while the company Huawei to 40W mobile phones leading, and Oppo to 50W in her phone flagship at the time for Oppo Find X.

Having said that, has announced the Vivo today about its plans to beat everyone through the Fast Charging Technology New own referred to by the name of Vivo Super FlashCharge 120W. Yes, it’s the right number. According to official information, the fast charging technology of this filling 50 percent of the battery of capacity 4000mAh within five minutes, and you only need 13 minutes to charge the battery to 100%.

The Chinese company used Mobile World Congress MWC Shanghai 2019 to be held in next week in the capital economic of China, Shanghai. It is expected that the company Vivo in this event, a review of fast charging technology new of these along with the phone its first smartphone compatible with the 5G, not only some of the models modified from its smart phones the current, as it did in the month of December.

May seem rate shipping 120W interesting in theory, but we believe that the fast charging technology new to this need some time before making its way to devices consumer. Usually what generates the Fast shipping a great deal of heat, making it difficult to embed the techniques the Fast shipping like this in smart phones due to the restrictions of calories. Before concluding, We would like to point out that Xiaomi company had recently disclose another technology for fast charging allows charging of smart phones strongly 100W.


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