Vivid images for Redmi new design camera pop-up

Published Wang Teng production manager to buy a Shaw my new pictures on the website Weibo revealed the version of Redmi new premium smartphones that shows the front camera popup.

Redmi smartphone leaks

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The latest images that have been leaked on the web recently reveal phone Redmi, also in spite of the removal of the photo but it had already spread to confirm for the issuance of a distinctive perpetrator from the company.

Projections indicate that this version of the smart phones come with the chip Snapdragon processor 855, it also has the design of the camera the pop-up, to be the first versions of Shawty that follow this design for the front vehicle.

It also confirms the location of the microphone and the entrance to the heaven of 3.5 mm along with the design of the camera ups on this version is different from the current versions of the company.

Definitely still a lot of specification this version is not yet clear, but is expected to see the launch of this version before the end of April.


I know of

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