Visitors to the Dali Museum will meet AI-clone of the Spanish artist

This spring, visitors to the Salvador Dali Museum in the U.S. city of St. Petersburg (Florida, USA) will have to wait for a unique guest. In the framework of the exhibition “Dalí Lives”, which will open its doors in April, all guests of the Museum will meet the interactive AI is a copy of the great Spanish surrealist artist. The Museum will be equipped with large digital screens, which, at the touch of a button, will “materialize” digital copy of the painter and to tell you about the presented at the exhibition works of art.

The idea of this project came in the Wake of rising world interest museums to the trends of modern technology, with which organisers are trying to attract new visitors.

The Museum invited a team of professionals from Goodby Silverstein & Partners, which used the video c was Given to teach artificial intelligence to mimic the facial expressions of the artist and then put this effect on an actor with a similar body type. Virtual artist will comment on how their own works and events after his death in 1989. AI clone was simultaneously carry educational mission, and to be as surreal as his artwork.

The result is ambiguous, writes Engadget. Voice, as one would expect, different from the original, but the resemblance is just amazing – before you Salvador Dali in the Prime of life. I should add that the voice of the digital version of the artist is played by a separate voice platform VoCo, which was previously presented by Adobe.

Some fans of the great surrealist might not like the idea of the Museum, as for example, music lovers objecting holographic resurrections of the legendary singers. Employees of the Museum say that the AI Gave to the person, who was interested in media and had “an acute sense of their own eternal value.” In the end, this man wrote “the Persistence of memory”. He could have the satisfaction of seeing yourself as a digital copy.

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