Visiting day| first flight for my plane Boeing 727 and 747 and games from Apple is the worst in the history

On this day, 9 February 1963, the Boeing 727 (a Boeing 727) with the first flight, a plane on which the shadow produced is the most among the commercial aircraft, continued this class is the largest in the civil aviation sector in the world, for more than a decade, where he produced the Boeing 1832 a plane of which almost.

Aircraft Boeing 727 is a mid-range, with three engines mounted on the tail of the aircraft, and continued production until 1984, and has been able to carry 149 to 189 passengers.

Then 6 years ago exactly, on February 9, 1969, the flight was the first pilot of a Boeing 747 (Boeing 747), an aircraft which is still in service even now, the number of aircraft produced by Boeing, of which 1548 plane.

The US airline “Pan American World Airways” Pan American World Airways is the first company that use the Boeing 747 in its fleet, in January 22, 1970.

On 9 February 1996, presented the Apple multimedia device “Bandai Pippin” Bandai Pippin, in a bad try to produce computer games, home video, running computer disks CD, The Machine became one of the worst technology products in history, and resolve in the ranking 22nd among the 25 middle of a technical failure in the list of the magazine PC World.

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