Virus on Android phones drains the battery.. remove this app immediately get rid of them!

Millions of users of smartphones, running Android, to the malware they downloaded from Google Play, according to researchers and security, making them vulnerable to drain the battery faster than usual.

And malicious software, the researchers name Andr/Clickr-ad, among many applications on the Google Play Store, including the application Sparkle Flashlight, which has been downloaded more than million times.

The researchers said that other apps have been affected by software malware, including Snake Attack وMagnifeye neon Pong, the researchers published a full list of applications affected with HIV News Update via THIS LINK, and advising users to delete these applications from their phone immediately.

It’s Strange, revealed by researchers, that the malicious software has made Android phones seem sometimes like it’s running iOS from Apple, which is the reason that the researchers attributed to the desire of the creators of this malware in loading web pages and ads with fake devices fake, where advertisers pay more to get their ads across phones iPhone iPhone.

The researchers said that the function of this malware is to work in the background of the phone without the user’s knowledge, from the design of hidden ads and clicking on them, which lead to drain battery quickly, they added that Google have already removed these affected applications from the store since last November 25.

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