#videos | Artificial intelligence for the first time created the movie. And it’s a nightmare!

The artificial intelligence is able not only to carry out accurate calculations and to help people make scientific discoveries, but, as practice shows, to create, if not art, it is a worthwhile content. Artificial intelligence has been able to write a screenplay, some musical compositions, and now have taken and created from scratch a real movie. And, judging by the feelings of, this is a horror movie.

Artificial intelligence — the Director bears the name of Jetson, although for himself he chose the name Benjamin. In the past, he is, as mentioned above, wrote a script for a sci-Fi movie Sunspring, which was filmed and played a major role Middleditch Thomas, star of TV series “Silicon Valley”. Screenwriting Benjamin studied in detail having studied several hundred real-life scenarios.

Thus, in order to “sit in the Director’s chair”, the researchers used a slightly different approach. AI gave a few tips: the meaning of dialogue, description of scenes and the General plot: an artificially created virus that strikes only pregnant women poses an enormous danger for all mankind. In addition, Benjamin has at its disposal a video of actors Elizabeth gray, Thomas Middleditch and Humphrey ker, in which they portrayed various emotions and read monologues. In the process of learning AI Director watched a lot of old black and white movies and eventually released a movie, the name of which of Zone Out.

Actually, the viewing experience of the picture is very strange. Zone Out more like an art-house sci-Fi horror, the meaning of which is very difficult to understand. Pretty good when mounting the replica of the characters seem disjointed and their actions. But the short view is definitely worth it, considering the fact that this is the first film created by the artificial intelligence.

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