Video : WhatsApp has the tenth anniversary of the launch of his

Video : WhatsApp celebrates the tenth launch.

When the launch application prompt communication in February 2009, certainly wasn’t one of the app team, or even users at the time, no one expected all this success.

Today, ten years after the launch of WhatsApp, became possessed of a million and a half million users month-to-month, it became the app of the most famous in the world in relation to the communion immediately .

Saw the app in the middle of the road, five years after its launch, witnessed a major turning point is to measure the social network months in the world acquired for $ 22 million.

Video : WhatsApp celebrates the tenth launch.

In the blog app Official been shooting video of the festive occasion, illustrates how the application helps in facilitating the communication between people and communities around the world, and touching, watch the video above these lines.

The other additions to the app has added the past year, feature posters , andgroup video calls .


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