#Video: What Apple will show on March 25?

Before the presentation as usual there comes a time when you can dream up on upcoming new products and discuss the possibility of their release. Let’s imagine that we can show and what we do will not show.

What we do not see?

Even in 2017, there is information that the company has not forgotten about its Mac Pro and ready to update. Even the management of the company is confirmed. Doubt might creep in the moment of release of the iMac Pro, but it is unlikely that the computer will hit the market from brand “barrel”.

Can with absolute certainty say that in this presentation it will not show. Most likely, we will see it in the summer at the developers conference or fall simultaneously with the iPad Pro. Recall, a similar pattern was last year, when together with the iPad showed us the MacBook Air, and Mac Mini.

Update other computers is not worth waiting for. They have all been updated relatively recently. Even iMac duty updated this week, just laid out a new configuration.

About iPhone and Apple Watch to talk also will not. They are presented in the fall and talk about their update too early..

What we are likely to show

The first of the possible innovations is AirPower, which is about the first time we heard a year and a half ago at the presentation of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Periodically the charging station were featured by Apple. This suggests that Apple doesn’t forget about her.

For example, at the time of the release of the iPhone XR in the box with him was a pamphlet that says that you can charge it from AirPower. This week, when Apple has a new iPad, refreshed the page dedicated to the AirPods on it was a picture of AirPower.

Apple could not release a case for AirPods with wireless charging. Now the time has come, and this week it released.Most likely, he was holding to exit the charging station. This is another evidence of the advent of AirPower. The company now has all three devices that can be charged.

Quite a possibly, we will show some updates of services and programs for education. In this regard, it would be logical to release an updated iPad.

The emergence of a new iPad Air and iPad Mini is not a basis for discontinuing the simple iPad. Despite the fact that now it is even cheaper iPad Mini is not a competitor. Small tablet is a tablet, still can’t be a great competitor. It is a slightly different type of device.

Moreover, it is as cheap device is great for training, and it is necessary to keep in the lineup.

Almost nobody doubts that the main topic of the presentation will be its own video service to Apple. Someone will say that this is not enough for a full presentation, which was cleared from the other products, just put them on the website, but they can argue.

If it really is, the output of such a service can be compared with the advent of iTunes and Apple Music. It may be able to give a whole new impetus to industry, and music services company.

iTunes at the time, changed the entire music industry, bringing together rights holders in one place and providing them easy access. The emergence of Apple Music, despite the fact that these subscription services have been, brought a new approach to music distribution. Among authors and holders of the strengthened approach, which is that releasing the album for sale in retail became less profitable. On a stream listening to the authors though, and get smaller payments, but more regularly. And wallet users have voted for this way of obtaining music.

The same can be obtained with the Apple Video, is rumored to be called service. Most likely, it will not be presented only series and shows Apple. It will be the aggregator, something like alternative TV.

Possible subscription options will be few, but a high probability that Apple will simply collect all the small and not very services under their wing and help them to increase the database of content distribution. Not everyone will agree on this but over time the service will have a chance to prove themselves, and content creators will be more accommodating.

While it’s all speculation. Tomorrow we will know all the details. As usual, to follow the course of the presentation you can from the live broadcast, which we will conduct on our website. Join us and learn everything first.

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