Video: watch the drop test phones Galaxy S10

Although fit on a Gorilla Glass 6 in the front and rear, only that the Galaxy S10+ didn’t work from dropping it on concrete while tested in many videos, as well as the give in the screen reader compact footprint.

But what about other phones like the Galaxy S10 وS10e it? This is clear in the new video from SquareTrade.

It was explained that even the Galaxy S10e design of the flat can’t handle a fall from a high altitude better than others, where the cause of falling from a height of 1.8 meters to the crash screen and damaging the corners, this test is done by dropping it from ear level, but the test showed earlier that the projection of a height less than a meter also will have serious consequences also.

Commenting on the test results, said SquareTrade to Galaxy S10 achieved better results than the iPhone XS Max, while showed other tests the opposite of that, but SquareTrade are going to projections by the robot while the other videos performing the test themselves.

Regardless of how to bring down the Galaxy S10, we’ll cause fractures in the damage screen and maybe the rear glass, as is always the case with the advanced phones that feature designs glass full, so you better buy the portfolio for your phone, in addition to the protective screen, while the phones S10 + the S10 with a protective screen already installed to add a layer of protection from the beginning.

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