#Video: two months since the Apple Watch Series 4. Worth buying?

When a few years ago Apple introduced its first Apple Watch, many saw it as a useless toy. Time passed and the public have changed their opinion. This article is devoted to the convenience and necessity of the Apple Watch, the latest generation based on two-month experience of using Apple Watch Series 4.

Apple Watch Series 4 launched in September this year alongside the new iPhone. Many even said that the presentation they were the most interesting of the devices.

If you do not make a direct comparison, it would seem that the new Apple Watch, nothing has changed, but it is not so.

Based on first impressions I was given advice to upgrade to a Series 4 only the owners of the very first Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 1. If you expect me to refute this opinion, then you are a bit disappointed. In my opinion I still sure. Of course, the difference between the third and fourth generation, but it is not as critical now to buy a new model.

The first generation I used for so long because I was in them in General, all arranged. I only used the notifications, checking the time and timers, which are sometimes used as reminders.

Until recently, I put off buying just because of the fact that I just did not feel the need for a new watch. I may decided to change his mind because of new forms of hours or performance, but this time the difference seemed more impressive than among previous generations.

Previously, I periodically switched to a regular watch, taking out their Apple Watch in the box, but after buying a new, never missed a day of wearing them. In the end, I have about two months use Apple Watch Series 4 and just don’t want to go back to the first generation. Moreover, I don’t even want to wear a regular watch, unlike recent time, when such a wish I have appeared from time to time.

The main advantages of the Apple Watch Series 4

The first thing that catches the eye when you start to use the new clock — a really big screen. It is still impossible to print or watch a movie, but when you first see the numbers to enter the pin code, it’s really a matter of respect.

The second item is the brightness. It is more than adequate for use outside on a Sunny day. I even had thoughts about her reduction, but she was not at maximum level, on average. However, the difference between the brightness is not that big and they are all very bright.

After updating I began to use music controls. In the first generation, the opportunity was, but the speed left something to be desired. It’s just pushed away and prevented her to use it. Now I almost never get the phone to control music.

I stopped to get it and to read the messages. Earlier notification of a new message for me was the signal to get the iPhone and see the message. I explained that you still have to answer, and so it is necessary to get. Now even long messages I read on the clock.

I appreciated the auto-start exercise. When you walk down the street at a rapid pace clocks offer to start training for the walk. In this case, the data is already collected and in the affirmative simply moving the temporary mode to permanent.

The training itself also became more enjoyable. I used to almost never run, and just played sports, occasionally glancing how many calories I spent. Now during sports I always turn on the exercise mode. I even knocked out a few friends to participate in the competition, which appeared in WatchOS. The thing is not required, but competition effect is quite pass.

Don’t believe in hour no cons

Speaking about the pros, you go to the cons that too. The first relates to the time display. If you are running training or managing music, then the numbers time on the screen will be very small. It was before, but something about this needs to be done. This is especially interferes, if the screen has a patch of light. As it is sometimes, because the time is almost on the verge of the screen.

Caused me issues and a digital crown. In the new generation it has tactile feedback. That is, when its cool, the feeling that you’re playing a real mechanical the crown. It should be, but the reality is not so simple. Responsible for the clicks built-in vibration feature. In the beginning, you understand that this is not the response of the wheel, and just the vibration of the hull, but then you rebuild and begin to treat him as to the real response of the crown.

Claim to this method return only one. It is in its implementation. In my opinion, it is more logical to make it so that when any movement of the crown the mechanism of impact. In fact, it works only when browsing the menu. It turns out that he just tactilely simulates changing the interface. When the menu reaches the end, click stop. In my subjective opinion it is not very logical.

Another relative drawback for me personally would be a new dial — infograf. Of course, it can be replaced, which I did by putting infograf a modular. I like it more. I like analog dials, but it is very complex and variegated. I mentioned in the first impression, the same opinion I have still reserved.

But the opinion about the battery I changed. It seemed to me that the autonomy of the new Apple Watch Series 4 on the same level as previous generations. Then I realized that was wrong, and in reality the hours are approximately one and a half times longer, despite the fact that to use them I became more active.

The results

Sometimes, after the first impressions, made on emotions, comes a feeling of aftertaste when you realize that your attitude towards the product, something changed. I bought the Apple Watch Series 4, just used them two months and have absolutely no regret about it, considering all their pros and cons.

In the end, I still remained unconvinced. If you use a Series 3, you and so all is not bad. The owners of the second generation, too, while you can skip a year or two, if not looking for a fresh design. Those who use Series 1 or the first watch from Apple to be updated, if you use your watch and realize that they need them. I after this operation has literally opened a watch again.

Some time I even was a hostage of my modest usage scenario hours. Started to use the latest powerful device, and a set of requirements has not changed. Then gradually I started to enjoy everything and understand all the benefits. Now the number of actions I take with the clock several times higher than what it was before buying the new model.

It’s a pity that you can’t use the function of the other. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to check it in.

You can find a more suitable for sports watch, or more beautiful, but as a gadget on each day watch from Apple are the best combination of qualities. With the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, the company once again proved it.

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