Video| the weirdest and best robots at CES 2018

Under the robots and the Robots place special and distinctive in the Consumer Electronics Show CES each year, and at this year’s show, which held its activities in the period from 9 to 12 January, represented an exceptional case.

In this year’s exhibition, the collection of robots between dazzling design and personality, as witnessed on entry is coming New, such as Honda Honda, re-launch: again, as in the case of Sony Sony Japanese.

“Clip” the offers you look at the robots that was displayed during CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Robot Sony Aibo

Re Sony Sony the Japanese electronics industry version of a robot “then” Aibo, which take the form of a dog, the provider of a solution for the acquisition of Pets who are afraid of the cost of care or the chaos of raising her inside the house, where the robot tries to completely the movements and actions of natural speech.

Robot FoldiMate

Maybe don’t be a robot “foreign” FoldiMate is the most glamorous during the exhibition, but it of Android the most important, is the robot expected the folds of the clothes, its price seems reasonable compared to the price of the robots, with almost $ 1000 (17700 pounds).

Robot Keecker

Is a projector (a display device) in the image of the robot can be controlled via voice commands, to display broadcast TV, a built-in 360-degree camera provides best feature for the climate control.

Robots Honda Honda Robots

Revealed Honda Honda Japanese this year for the team three of the robots, is 3E-A18, which are designed to interact with humans, you know the range of emotions and passions, and embrace it.

As Honda has unveiled robot 3E-C18 can be used as an assistant in the retail stores, and another is 3E-D18 is a small car and provide the necessary energy to help in the processes of fire and natural disasters.

Robot Kuri

Usually a firm “Mayfield Robotics” Mayfield Robotics this year to the show prop New is “Korea” Kuri, a robot my house, he can dance on your favorite music to its owner, with many emotions and expressions semi-human romojis, such as sneezing.

Robot Sophia Sophia

By participating in the exhibition, I had the robot Sophia Sophia world famous, which is a robot female on the human form of the design of the company “Hanson Robotics” Hanson Robotics, the combination of the impressive engineering and artificial intelligence, they are able to talk and jokes, manage, and share discussion and dialogue.

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