Video: the Turks destroy the iPhone objection to the decisions Trump

Through said last, spread out the several video clips for the laws of the Turks during the crash of their iPhone, in review to support the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which called for a boycott of all Apple products in response to taxes and penalties new U.S. President Donald Trump to impose on Turkey.

Showed a clip of a man he says broke 5 phones the iPhone has a number of youth behind him and handed it over to him, saying US President Trump “who do you think you are? If you think you’re going to make us starve, you not only laughed at us”.

While others using firearms, and several different methods to destroy iPhone.

Mounting disagreement between the two governments of the Turkish and American on August 10 about the American pastor, Andrew Bronson, imprisoned in Turkey, where he then Donald Trump doubling the duties on iron and aluminum with the imposition of sanctions on members of the Erdogan government.

This has led to this news to the decline of the Turkish Lira significantly, prompting Erdogan to apply sanctions similar to American products, specifically Apple products.

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