Video – the latest leaks about update Android 9 Pie on Samsung phones!

To see the update to Android 9 Pie on Samsung devices very soon, maybe in the first month of 2019, however we know a lot about the customizations to The Shape of the interface Samsung Experience 10 coming with update Android 9 Pie on devices Galaxy different.

Certainly there is a clear activation of the gestures fast what’s new, as we’ve seen with you before the group photo confirming the availability of the night mode of the phone as a whole, together with a range of applications on its design.

And now we have the latest leak update Android 9 Pie which concerns this time with a screen width constant Always-On Display (AOD), and some of the footage from one of the Samsung Experience 10 displayed by the following video:

Reviews of video demo version of the last of the Pie on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which illustrates the color support on the display screen of constant AOD for the first time from Samsung!

At the current time, notifications are displayed on the screen of the AOD special phones in the Samsung the form of white icons to comment on a completely black background, but this is not the after update Android 9 Pie, which allows you to update the new codes notifications and colorful on the screen of the display always, will notifications automatically pick up the main color of the app icon.

There are also some significant changes, such as moving the battery percentage symbols, notifications from the center of the screen to the Left, also there is a difference in the font used on the display standing.

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