#Video: the experience of operating the DJI OSMO Mobile 2

DJI OSMO Mobile is a relatively new device from a reputable manufacturer, but still not much information about what makes it different from the first generation. But there are differences, and not all in favor of novelty. We decided to look into them in detail.

OSMO is Mobile 2 in Russia, about 12-15 thousand rubles, depending on the seller. But it can be bought cheaper, for example, from the United States through the service Grabrthat allows to find a traveler who can bring you all that you need. If you’re going to buy something similar, just compare the price offered with the price of Russian stores.

What is the difference from the first DJI OSMO Mobile?

When you take the box in hand, understand that it’s all the same DJI, which is in the design of their products very similar to Apple. It is not surprising that the products of this brand has found its place on the shelves of Apple stores.

In the spirit of recent products the company has put the device in the dense case, which can be used for transportation. The first version included, too, were a means for transportation, but it was a soft case, which was defended only if from mud, and had to buy a separate hard carrying case for transportation and storage.

The stabilizer is different from the old model in the first place so that it felt unusual for top brand plastmassist. A similar feeling happens when you sit in the more expensive and cheaper car. On the one hand, all the same, all plastic, but the quality varies widely.

At this point, once doubt creeps into the feasibility of the assignment model the second sequence number. In the future this feeling is only amplified, but everything in order.

About desisti design says that the limiters are now on the outside of your connections. It looks not so aesthetically pleasing and consistent with cheap plastics, the tactile sensation which is hard to convey in words but only understand it after you try what it is. Although, if we talk about the limiters, external reliable.

Also conspicuous by the absence of a trigger in the front, which really helped. Now it is the responsibility of the button on the main site of control. Previously, he was responsible for the switch modes of the suspension. Now we have to strain your hand to lock it or turn the camera.

The rest of the controls in place, but the slider moved to the left side and began to perform the zoom function, and instead of the shutter button now that the button is regime change, which is not so convenient.

That, on the contrary, pleased, is the fact that now the device is charged by microUSB. Previously, this was done through mini jack 3,5 mm, and in case of loss of wire had to buy it, and it costs not so cheap.

Another plus is that it is now possible to charge your smartphone while shooting. This is a USB connector in the front. This helped increased up to 2600 mAh battery, which with proper calibration will allow the use of stabilizer up to 15 hours.

But in the negative we write the mechanism of attachment of the smartphone. Before he was taken with a wheel that had to rotate and clamp attached to the smartphone holder. Now his place was taken by standard zajimalo as any car holder and you have to pull to the side with great effort. Because of this, the risk of scratching your smartphone and just dropping it much more.

From the old lock refused due to the fact that he bothered to put the new element, which eventually gave way. But now locking the smartphone can be deployed at 90 degrees for shooting in portrait orientation. On the one hand, it’s fun and can sometimes be useful, but not well enough to refuse such a convenient and practical item.

The battery is now fixed, but instead it covers the bottom is threaded for attachment to tripod or monopod.

It’s all the main differences in characteristics and performance between the two generations of the stabilizer from DJI. At the same time, judging by the price and by the fact that the first generation is still more expensive than the second, it was immediately clear that this is not simply and there is a catch. If a new device called OSMO DJI Mobile Lite or something, all would stand in its place and the issues would not have happened.

A couple of words

All the main differences in performance boil down to what the app can do, and the possibility of its practically the same for both generations, and therefore to say that the shooting functions between generations, there are important differences, however.

Install this free app on any iOS device or Android smartphone. After installation, you must create a connection via Bluetooth and choose your device from the list. It is a pity that DJI was not able to implement support for all devices in a single application. It is very uncomfortable and have to download for some devices the DJI app GO 4, and for the other part — DJI GO.

To control now has two buttons on the front panel plus joystick on it also the switch on the side. Buttons are responsible for switching the device on and changing modes of operation of the suspension, and also for the shutter release and start/stop recording. The joystick is needed to control the suspension, and the switch assumes management functions of zoom when working in a regular DJI app GO.

In General, the modes in the app enough to shoot something decent, but the downside of it is that it does not allow to set the lock of the stabilizer. He sometimes starts to make mistakes and just twitch while shooting. The result is that smooth video at some point suddenly jerks.

The difficulty is that if you install a separate app, it will not work on the stabilizer. You can control the gimbal with the joystick. The same applies to the standard camera app of the smartphone. There are apps that support the management buttons, but they are not so little.

When shooting with the standard app you lose all the advantages. Also you cannot disable the built-in stabilization of the camera itself, it is also impossible to use the buttons to control recording. Therefore, in this case it is better to use the free DJI GO. But we must remember that the video saved inside the app and export to your library, you will have to do manually. The photos and video will be added to the end rather than in chronological order.

In the end we can say that the stabilizer was normal. Hard to say what is good, but normal. While pleasing its price. For the same money you can buy Chinese counterparts, but they are not better OSMO Mobile 2, and this is all DJI.

But those who use the first generation to be updated is not worth it. The first generation of almost anything is not lost, but largely won.

Again, recall that both generations DJI Mobile OSMO, OSMO normal and copters you can buy with the help of the service Grabr. Also with the help of this service you will be able to buy other goods. Including what is not sold in Russia or in a particular city. Just find a traveler who will bring it for a few days and a small fee. Also you can become a traveler and grab something from the match, thereby earning a little.

Learn more about Grabr

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