Video: the advent of cell phone games Shawty Black posted 2 with RGB

It was the first version of the phone Shawty custom games black participated successful as administered by the media technical, but it was exclusively in China.

It is no secret that Shaw will launch the third generation of phone games BlackBerry share 2 soon where we saw the page for the device on its official website the world suggests that it will be available globally unlike the first version.

Has been the inclusion of Black posted 2 on the website of the licensing authority of the Chinese TENNA last September reveal coming screen 6 inch battery 4000 mAh.

Also according to the leaks, stop coming Black posted 2 processor Snapdragon 845 and 8 gigabytes RAM 128 gigabytes of memory storage, but it remains a mystery as to support the screen refresh rate to 120 or 90 Hz.

Most recently, he appeared black co 2 in the short video sense strips side featuring the lighting of RGB that is expected that can be customized via a special application to add special interaction with all the game.

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