Video| successful trip for the first passenger for the fare jumper EHang 184

The company introduced the “been” EHang footage latest flight tested for the taxi flying self-driving “isn 184” EHang 184, which is received by a person successfully, where the company says that the flying taxi can transport one person at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour in the circumstances by a force 7.

And “been” for further improvements on the flying taxi “been 184”, including adding a component for manual can present a test for the passenger to experience the manual control and the leadership of the taxi yourself, in addition to the development of the taxi seats, can transport two passengers with a weight of 280 kg.

Revealed “been” for the first time on the flying taxi EHang 184 at the Consumer Electronics Show CES in 2015, and in 2017 the company obtained the certificate of AS9100, which are indicative of quality management system in the aviation industry.

The “been” has revealed the specification of the vehicle by the plane EHang 184, which included a system for the safe, which automatically reduces the damage or holidays in any of the organs of the vehicle to determine the safest way to land and keep the life of the passenger.

And “been” to add systems of sensors and control systems in flight, so as to maintain a constant flow of real time data in real-time to ensure the museum’s permanent collection to the safety of the vehicle, together with control systems and independent it can determine the fastest route and the safest to fly.

She said “been” encrypted communication system in the vehicle, by plane, provide a screen for passengers through which they can enter their orders and follow their flight, providing air conditioning of the vehicle for the convenience of passengers during their flights.

And increases the weight of the flying taxi EHang 184 of 260 kg, and a minimum air speed of 100 kilometers per hour, can fly at an altitude of 500 meters, supports battery charging for a full hour of flying.

And many companies, like uber Uber Boeing Boeing Airbus Airbus, on the development of unmanned aerial vehicles for use as taxis aircraft, and specialized websites that increasingly rely on such technology, not only as a means of transmission of the high shelves, but as a means of secure transmission in the event of disasters and emergency.

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