#video | SpotMini Robots from Boston Dynamics are pulling a huge truck

For several years the company Boston Dynamics releases of robots of varying complexity. For example, recently she presented an amazing robot Handle, which is able to drag the boxes with the help of hands-suckers. Despite all these innovations, the firm still remains a research company, and one of the robots is not available for purchase. According to company founder Mark Reibert, in 2019 it will change robot SpotMini will be able to by allwho wish and who have the money for it. It seems that the launch is approaching company has posted a video where 10 robots SpotMini pulled by a heavy truck.

Робот SpotMini

Video shows the potential power of four-legged robots. From the ability to pull a huge truck says that they have incredible traction and excellent grip with the ground. We can assume that they can be used to drag cargo containers, however, the question arises — why do companies buy expensive robots when you can use cheaper transport? Perhaps robots will be more effective on rough terrain where wheeled vehicles simply can not pass.

In addition to the robot SpotMini the company has a humanoid Atlas, which is able to perform a variety of tricks and drag a variety of objects. On its release in the market yet not a word was said, but he certainly would have found a use in manufacturing companies. Also do not forget about the aforementioned robot Handle — it direct road to the warehouses to drag and drop boxes.

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