Video – speed test between the Galaxy S9+ alien X and OnePlus 5T, of the fastest?

Perhaps you may pay a large sum in order to get a premium smartphone the best in the market, the Get for that the fastest is important, in order to facilitate your choice, we show speed tests between the best phones available in the market, and today with us a new test will be three of the best smart phones available in the market !

اختبار السرعة بين جالاكسي S9+ والأيفون X و OnePlus 5T ، من الأسرع

Speed test between Galaxy S9+ alien X and OnePlus 5T, of the fastest

The competition between Apple and Samsung is ready – and OnePlus doesn’t place her !

Sure you when you want to buy a premium smartphone, the focus will be on the following: either an iPhone from Apple, or a phone running Android, and a Samsung, where the competition between them and Apple is very large.

But in return, the company OnePlus is known in the market of Android phones, and the phones performance is very fast, with constant updates, and the best price is appropriate compared to competitors, and if you care about speed, one of the phones may be a suitable option.

Why should I get on the phone fast? And what is meant by?

Of course because you will pay the amount starts from$ 500 for a smart phone as the focus between the three phones that will appear in the control, you get a quick phone in terms of performance is very important, even when you don’t want to lose seconds important of your life when you want to open a lot of apps !

Or even browse social networks, or export, or Wizard video clips, or even play open games, I don’t want to lose a lot of time, here lies the importance and necessity of getting your phone fast.

But if you are looking for a phone the fastest – continued this test !

Hardware shop test is: Galaxy S9+ is the latest in this group, and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845, and a phone iPhone X, as well as the phone OnePlus 5T, which comes with a processor Qualcomm’s previous Snapdragon 835, but it carries a RAM capacity of 8 GB is superior to the competitors in it, and full specifications in this photo:

اختبار السرعة بين جالاكسي S9+ والأيفون X و OnePlus 5T ، من الأسرع

Speed test between Galaxy S9+ alien X and OnePlus 5T, of the fastest

The test includes opening several apps and the time it takes to order it, and then maintain those apps in the background and open it to find out the capacity of the devices tested to open them quickly again.

Through the next video you can see the challenge:

Competition is great and the result outstanding !

Unfortunately, let me tell you that this test won’t help you out of Confusion, but in case you are not amusingly a company, all of the devices tested provided a great performance, where every one of them was fast enough !

But in the first round can iPhone X Apple by a margin of 7 seconds, a test that included open several applications to see the speed of the hardware in it, but the second test dropped iPhone X, it phone OnePlus 5T, then the Galaxy S9+, which the iPhone X keep some games open in the background.

RAM capacity is very useful in determining the winner !

And because the RAM in the device the iPhone was 3 GB, and competitors 6 and 8 GB, they can’t think about him in the third round, however, it remains difficult to choose between these devices, each of which offers advantages not found in the other, but we hope that this test help you in simplifying the confusion.

What do you think about this test? Whichever you prefer of these devices?

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