Video| Sophie.. a fish robot realistic for the purposes of trade

Look “Sofi” SoFi, fish and real, both in her appearance or the way to swim, but it’s a mechanism to “robot” the Robot created the minds of the engineers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT and the artificial intelligence CSAIL, United States of America.

And created the “Sofi” SoFi for the purposes of trade, under the water, where it can join the swarms of fish and other sea creatures to monitor and report their lives and their environment thanks to compact cameras.

Nor is “Sophie” the first fish robot is developed for scientific use, but it brings together a number of different innovations that give them unique advantages, the temple outside the sky made by three-dimensional printing 3D Printing, which implies it is the cheap cost and fast manufacture.

And the sky “Sophie” on the tank the buoyancy of the filled with compressed air, which means the possibility to adjust the depth to which it sinks when the sky, in addition to the system control specialist uses pulse coded, as can the fish that swim free to continue to swim in a certain direction without supervision, while can be routed to the left or right or up or down using Controller games star SNES amended.

Most importantly is the payment system in “Sophie”, a hydraulic drive powerful pumping water inside and outside the pair of rooms of the interior fish mechanism, and the fins of her tail back and forth, so that its work can be more calm and less dangerous and the best camouflage of any innovation is similar.

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