Video : Shawty enter the game of phones can be folded

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فيديو شاومي تدخل لعبة الهواتف قابلة الطيVideo Shawty enter the game of phones can be folded

Video : Shawty enter the game of phones can be folded

Probably look currently like a new game, but the reality of it confirms that smart phones can be folded to become epileptic the future, maybe the beginning of the current year 2019 .

On the 20th day of February next, maybe reveal Samsung officially unveiled the first of its phones can be folded, in addition to the Galaxy S 10 perspective, but there are areas else lurks Korean company.

According to the video posted below these lines, it seems that the Shao she experiences her phone rollaway, where the head of the company holding the device a phone or tablet can be folded and handled with ease as you see.

The video was posted on Twitter without any additional information, but the form of the device suggests it’s in the final by coming out apparently .

We had reported weeks ago in the WOT should be a video clip else about the phone versions of Shao same technique, but things are explained Now by the appearance of the company’s founder and CEO himself dealing with the device.

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